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Why I'm Going To Homeschool My Kids

Over the last year, my wife and I have been giving Homeschooling some serious thought and have come to the conclusion that it is the best route for our family. Many ask me "why" would I make that decision and go against the wonderfully created, traditional, governmental program we have in our society today? To help in the explanation of our thought process, I've made a list of bullet points that brought us to this decision. This list will continue to grow as other thoughts come to mind, but here is a good start.

  • Anti-social Behavior - I'll address this statement first, since it seems to be the main issue for most people about homeschooling. The idea that your kid will be weird and he won't be able to communicate with other people is ridiculous. Here are the facts: 80% of your communication skills come from the home and extracurricular activities. Not sitting in classes, listening to teachers in a school. If you're a good communicator, then your kids can be too! BTW, I've seen PLENTY of weird, anti-social kids in schools.

  • There are MANY support groups and programs to help you home school. You are not alone and there are lots of activities to participate in.

  • Government curriculum only keeps up with the slowest kid in the class.

  • Schools believe that if my kids are not able to sit 8 hrs without getting distracted, then they need to be medicated.

  • The Common Core curriculum penalizes my child for not doing something in a systematic way (Their way), even though he gets the right answer. Schools don't allow kids to think outside the box. There can be many ways to solve a problem, but depending on the teacher, school, curriculum... there is only ONE way.

  • Government workers (teachers) will punish my kids for some pop rocks or kissing a girls hand., and

  • Schools have the right NOT to release your kids to you even though you are the parent.

  • God is not allowed in schools.

  • Schools can't protect my kids from shooters.

  • Schools are a pedophile's target.

  • Increase in teacher student relationships.

  • Drugs, violence, sex and other bad influences that thrive in schools.

  • 3 hours of ONE ON ONE study is equivalent to a full day in school.

  • My kids will have more time to build on talents, skills, and professions by being able to DO it, not just hear about it from those who never worked in their field.

  • Transgender's will be allowed to use any bathroom they desire. (From kindergarten through 12k) What protection do we have against boys that use this law just to take a peek at my daughter?

  • I will be more engaged with my kids learning and be able to teach both sides of the spectrum; instead of having to debate a teachers opinion that our government is great and that a president deserved the Nobel Peace Prize.

  • I will have a focus on developing skills, such as: business, communication, sales, negotiations, computers, etc. to further their lives and careers, than spreading the tale that everything will be handed to them after getting a degree.

  • I won't have to deal with ridiculous opinions like in this video: and like those in this article:

  • The whole family gets to sleep better not having to chase down the bus or take the kids to school. Studies have shown home schooled kids sleep better and do better in studies. Also no social pressures of how they need to dress to impress all the time or other social pressures. They can actually focus on learning.

  • Save money in school fees, gas, uniforms, books, etc, by keeping them home. More money to spend on their education!

  • My kids won't have to deal with grading systems that do nothing to help them, besides make them feel stupid. There are other ways to think about results: Thomas Edison - "I didn't fail. I just found 2,000 ways not to make a light bulb; I only needed to find one way to make it work."

  • Vacations, sick days, doctor/dentist appointments, field trips, competitions, hands on learning, etc. ALL became very easy to plan.

Whether my kids will go to high school or continue being home schooled is still in the air. Many feel that if they miss prom, football games, and other activities, that it will mess them up for life. I think those experiences are overrated and at this point, I would’ve loved to trade my high school experience for a chance to be something greater than the average high school kid. Most kids can learn a talent, skills and grow to become a professional, olympian, or even own their own business at a young age. I don’t think they will be too distraught that they didn’t go to prom, if they have something to show for it. I COULD just sign them up for ONE class during high school years and let them go to the dance if they so desire. But attending all 3 years of high school? I don’t really think chasing traditions, that really don’t matter after high school, would be a good use of their time. I can only think of organized sports being the reason to attend school, but then again I’m not big on that either.

Quick example on organized sports: During organized sports practice how many people actually play versus just get exercise? How many will just STAND around watching others play? How many people sit around because someone else is a better player than them on the team? During a real game, how many will actually get on the field, court, etc.? How many actually go on to play college or pro? How many just wasted many years of their life? I’m glad it was fun though:)

Here is another way to think about sports: Yes, I do like to watch some basketball and football games on TV, so I’m not against it. But, as a parent that wants to give my kids the best chance of success, I would rather get my kids focused on individual talents that they can participate in 100% of the time.

They will progress much faster in something that doesn’t have a coach or leader telling them that they don’t get to play or don’t get to practice because of competition. Many organized sports are driven politically as well. If my kids get into snowboarding, skiing, biking, skateboarding, motocross, rock climbing, guitar, drums, gymnastics, boxing, and many other individual sports or activities; In the same hour of practice as organized sports, they will be able to repeatedly practice the skills necessary to progress, than standing around. How many times could your kid hit the jump on a bike in that hour? How many times can your kid go through a song? How many times can your kid practice his wheelies? etc. He will accomplish those goals faster with no limitations. Also, If your kids just pulls a double cork screw in the half pipe, double back flip on a motorcycle, or other amazing abilities. You better believe he will get noticed! No amount of politics can stop him from getting sponsored, or stop his progression. He owns his craft!

Many will tell me that it is great for kids to be on team sports to LEARN how to play nice. Well, regardless of what they are doing, they will need to be TAUGHT good sportsmanship! Many professional players still haven’t learned this principle and they been playing on teams for years! Many want to give too much credit or responsibility to organizations, institutions, teams, coaches, etc, where in truth, it is the PARENTS responsibility to teach their kids good character, attitude, attributes, behavior, etc.

What about teams that allow kids to compete individually? Yes!, I’m totally open to that! If my kids were in swim team, wrestling team, track & field, snowboarding team, or the like. I would be fine with it, because they are competing individually and are able to show their true talents and abilities. They will also be able to progress even though their other teammates didn’t do as well.

Kenny Crandell

#homeschooling #nopublicschool

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