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How NOT To Invite | "Opportunity Meetings"

One day someone shows you a great business opportunity, and you are just excited beyond belief that you have found a way to be able to get to your goals! Now you want to share this opportunity with others and grow your team. Most companies have a system of doing things and the first thing they will teach you is to NOT say a word about the business! Reason being is that you don't have any credibility and don't know how to explain it with finesse. History shows that you will probably lose the sale or opportunity with you floundering around. Your up line tells you to just get people to a meeting and they will talk to your people. Sounds easy enough right?

You will quickly find out that most people will ask "What is it?". Now, If you can't say anything about it, then what do you say? Most will reply by turning into this eager beaver, speaking 100 mph and saying "Oh, it's a really awesome company that allows you to make a bunch of money." "What company is that?" They ask. You reply, "Oh it's a solid company that's been around for a long time OR it's a new company that just came out and it's going to be big." And more questions keep coming and you keep avoiding them and keep telling them to come to the meeting. Many will be reluctant to say yes with the secrecy, and many will question your character going this route.

Most of us don't like surprises and we want to be in the know! So you need to tell them something! You need to learn the material and be able to speak in a way that gives you credibility not shadiness. Here are a few approaches that can give your people more insight, keep them interested and maintain character. Most of the people you are going to talk to are your friends and people you know so don't try and sell them, just shoot the breeze.

Example A - Are you interested in making some extra money? "Sure!" Great, well I have a guy that is coming to (my house) and going to teach me and some friends a really cool way to make some cash. "What do you have to do?" Not sure of all the details but it involves some marketing. With your skills you would do very well! "What are they selling?" They are in the "fitness" industry, so that's right up your alley since you like to work out. "What company is it?" The company is called______. have you heard of it? "No" "I think you'll do very well in the company with your skills" "We need people like you on our team. With your skills we would rock!" (Praise is a HUGE motivator!) If "yes", What have you heard? What do you know? "Not much" Well, your in luck because the guy that I'm working with has some very interesting information on how you can: pay for school, buy that car you want, take that vacation, etc. Make it personal! If they have heard of it and tell you they are not interested, then you have saved your time and theirs!

Example B - I just got on with this part-time gig doing marketing and it's going to pay pretty good. Maybe even $1-2k extra a month. (Be realistic with the amount. Don't start off saying $20k a month because they most likely won't believe you!) I can work on my own time so that is really going to help. My trainer is one of the top producers in the company and is a nice guy. I'm going to meet with him this week and I know they are looking for some help. You open to making some extra money?

Example C - So check this out, I meet a guy the other day that is a huge player in the "fitness" industry and he wants some help expanding his company. From what I heard this company will be huge! He is looking for some partners and I'm going to be one of them to help him launch/ expand! If your interested in being a partner, I can recommend you to him? It would be great to work together! Great, I'll tell him I'm bringing you to our next meeting so you can meet him.

I have found that more often than not, if someone is not interested in making some extra money, and their life is perfect, then they most likely won't be swayed at the meeting. Most of those people will rely on your friendship and go to the meeting with a vague understanding. Many will feel duped and upset at you for getting them to sit through a long meeting that they are not interested in. Those that are open minded to what you have told them are those that sign up, or even if they don't, they are grateful that you thought of them. So, if they are not interested in making extra money, don't waste your time with those that are not motivated. Move on and stay friends:)

Now there are many ways to get your message across and these are just a few off the top of my head. I will update this article in the future with more ideas. The idea is to not to come off as though you are hiding information and trying to bait them. Give them SOME information to gauge their interest and maybe even weed them out, but don't be dishonest in hopes that if you get them to the meeting, some miracle will happen for them to be interested.

I was recently invited to a meeting through Facebook and thought it would be good to share the conversation I had. In this industry the last thing we want to do is have "missed opportunities". Here is the conversation with an acquaintance I had:

  • "This is Tam and I wanted to share a business opportunity with you and your wife. What does your schedule look like? I would need about 40 min of your time! I promise I will not waste your time...You need to see this opportunity. Have a great day and I look forward to hearing back from you."

  • "Hi Tam, I'm interested to see what you're involved in. I've been involved in these business opportunities for quite some time and even my company is focused on business start ups. I was a presenter for another business opportunity company and now we are developing our own company to launch. I wouldn't care to meet but if you are willing to give the name of the company you are working with and some info. I'll check it out. Kenny"

  • "Kenny, At the rate we are growing and expanding our company I only have time to show and spend time with those that are serious! If and when your situation changes, let me know. Thanks"

  • "Thought I'd give some insight: Being in a senior level in these type of businesses, I understand the game and I get it. This tactic is an old way of doing things and a huge contributor of missed opportunities. Keep in mind that just because someone doesn't want to be in a meeting, doesn't mean they wouldn't be interested. Especially when they don't know anything about it. You have to maintain posture but don't shun those who's ears are open to hearing something new. You need to pique them. Not everyone needs to be taken through the path of an emotional buy, especially professionals that you will want on your team to duplicate yourself. Everyone ticks differently and we need to be aware of that. Many will see the vision if YOU are good at presenting it in many ways, and if you do that, your team will grow fast! If you wait for a meeting every time to tell someone something, then it will be slow growth. This is all a numbers game. If it's a good company than you should be telling everyone about your business regardless of the meeting, because they might just become your customer. Business Opportunities and entrepreneurial spirit is my passion. I love growth and the excitement it brings and that's why I'm a business entrepreneur, trainer and consultant. I hope you do well."

  • "Hey Kenny, I really appreciate the insight and it is very well taken. I am learning as fast as I can, I would still like to show you this. Here is a link and the video is at the bottom of the page. I would love your input. Would you be willing to follow up with me in 2 days?"

  • "Sounds good. I'll take a look and let you know my thoughts:)"

  • "Thank you"

It actually ended up being a pretty cool business I hadn't heard of before. I wasn't ready at the time to jump in this opportunity but was glad to hear about it.

Kenny Crandell

#inspiration #success

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