There has been a lot of great memories and thought I'd share some with you!

Testing Gear For Trip!
Testing my gear before winter diving at the lake!
Flying Cherokee 140
Getting ready to take off!
Helicopter Flying
Helicopter Flying
Pilot's License 2008
Dew Tour 2012
Hitting the Dew Tour at Snow Basin.
Fabrication Business
We designed and fabricated custom metal work.
DJ Roadside Parties
DJ & Announcer for Roadside Parties.
Aviation Presentation
Getting ready to give a Powerpoint presentation on Aviation careers.
My Best Partner!
The wife and I were enjoying some time in the back yard and I snapped a picture.
Dealership | Boats, Cars, Trailers
Ran a dealership from 08-10 and loved it. This was my favorite boat on the lot that I took out in my spare time. (98 Regal 258 Commodore.)
My Limo
Brighton 1998
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Utah Foam Pit - 2010
Drum Solo - 2011

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