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TruView Academy

by Kenny Crandell

This program will help you learn how to start an online business. You will learn many skills that will give you a major head start in the industry. Starting a business online has never been easier and the low risk makes it a perfect place to get started. 




Why You SHOULD Start A Business
Course Videos - Sneak Peak
Having The Right Business Mindset
Staying Organized As You Build
Course Classes

Getting Prepared

Right Mindset - Free

• Get Organized - Free


Business Set Up

• Website Options

• Domain Names

• Hosting Options

• Email Set Up

• Business Phone

• Merchant Account

• LLC & S Corp


Social Media Pictures & Tips

• Choosing Social Media


Graphic Programs

• Logos, Ads, Banners

• Video Creation

• Video HostingAdvertising

• Facebook Advertising

• More on Facebook

• AdWords & Keyword

• Other Marketing Avenues


Tracking & Analytics

• Google Analytics

• Google Webmaster Tools

• Facebook Tracking

• Counters and reports



• Writing Platforms

• Pinging

• Citations

• Directories

• On Page SEO


More Classes

• Outsourcing

• Finding Distributors

• Landing Pages

• Email Marketing

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