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Making It Happen One Day At A Time

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Kendall Kluber, Listing Manager

Kenny and I worked together for a Keller Williams agency. He was my direct reporting manager. He has a fun, involving personality. I was impressed by his ability to listen and implement changes and strategies that would make the team more efficient and productive. He is very openminded, dedicated and willing to do what is necessary to help others not just grow, but thrive. I thoroughly enjoyed working with him. He created an environment for the administrative team and agents that was cohesive, encouraging and enjoyable. He would be a great asset to any company.

Bobbie Lee.jpg

Bobbie Lee, Director & Editor

In our meetings, Kenny always comes well-prepared in his ideas and vision for the product he is presenting to the filmmaking team. He is a clear communicator and can command the attention and respect of the room. At the same time, he is also a good listener and is easy to converse with. Hence, he is very pleasant to work with. Kenny is a hard worker. He is thorough, yet efficient. I highly recommend Kenny to any company that is looking for a reliable and resourceful individual.

Ryan Carr_edited.jpg

Ryan Carr, Cinematographer

Kenny has a great personality that carries over into his work ethic and leadership. He always provided a clear vision on every project we worked on together. His success in management allowed his team to work smoothly together and achieve deadlines. Kenny is a responsible and respected leader. I would work under him again and again!

Zac Garside.jpg

Zac Garside, CEO

Kenny is an extremely proactive and creative person to work with. He is always looking for ways to improve the systems and processes in an organization and grow. I have learned a lot from Kenny about understanding what people want and finding new and creative ways to provide it for them.

Nate Tyler.jpg

Nate Tyler, Operations

I had the pleasure of working with Kenny for two years, collaborating on several project teams which tackled marketing strategies, content creation, as well as coaching and training. Kenny is one of those powerhouses that genuinely considers more and more effective ways of moving businesses forward, presents those ideas in efficient and digestible ways, and then follows through on precisely what he commits to... and he always made a point to infuse even the most difficult of meetings with a consistent level of positivity. It helped create a motivating environment whatever the meeting’s topic happened to be. It was a pleasure working with Kenny and I recommend to anyone to seize any opportunity to do the same.

Stephen Dale.jpg

Stephen Dale, Exec. Trainer

One of the main reasons that Kenny has been so successful on every project that he was entrusted, is his ability to delve into details. In his role as a marketing manager, business developer, coach, and leader, he came across many challenges; his reason for success in meeting all these challenges head-on is his ability to chart out his processes, goals, and his follow-through. During the years that I have worked with Kenny, I have had the opportunity to observe his interpersonal style – he is a pleasant individual who believes in positive motivation and dedication, creating enthusiastic individuals whom he works with. Kenny is an accomplished multitasker who has ensured the efficacy of many projects.

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